What exactly do we do?

We provide you with beautiful and unique dishes/place settings for your special event. Whether you pick the dishes you love or let us do that for you, we make sure your wedding or event is personal and reflects you perfectly! 

If you're a bride and looking for something different, customizing your reception is the perfect idea! We offer table designing and setup for all of our customers. We want to take any extra stress off your shoulders! What is more fun than designing and setting a beautiful table anyways? 



We will deliver all items to your venue and also pick up. If you're local to Montrose you are more than welcome to come pickup your order. We strive to take any extra work off your shoulders so you can relax and enjoy your day, we do not mind delivering for you.  

We request all caterer's contact information so we can coordinate cleanup with them. We ask that all dishes are wiped clean, stacked and ready to repackage for us. Please do not scrape the dishes as there are some fragile old gals in there. 


Table design and decorating:

Tè Rosa Tables all started with our love of pretty and delicate things. As we work with you and get to know you we get a better sense of the fine details and small personal touches that will make your day amazing. Setting and designing the perfect tables for our clients is what makes this business all worth it. Seeing a brides reaction, a mother to be, bride to be is why we do what we do. Designing a table to directly reflect our clients is our mission! If you're a boho bride, a boho table you shall have! If you're into soft, dainty decor, a soft and delicate reception will be awaiting you. It's your day, we just want to help make it absolutely perfect! 



Yes, we have an in house floral designer. Diane (mom) has been doing flowers for as long as I can remember. Please contact Diane at 570-351-3711 for all floral inquires. She will work with you and your budget to make sure you get exactly what you want.